Media Relations

Whether you are looking to develop an outreach campaign or trying to place your story with an individual media outlet, our media relations experience can help support your business strategy and generate trade and business media exposure.

Because there are numerous ways to build a media relations platform, our media relations programs are customized to meet the needs of our clients.

Each program starts with the evaluation of the market in which the client does business. The trade and business press are evaluated, and strategies are developed for target pitching and story development. Once this initial evaluation is complete, a short- and long-term plan is developed.

Whether we help supplement your current media relations activities or act as your in-house media relations department, we can develop your target media, design the tools needed for industry thought leadership and either train your spokespeople or act as your spokesperson, if needed.

By maximizing media opportunities, you can increase your industry exposure and brand awareness, while positively impacting your reputation and business results.